DAF for Large Capacity

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Max inlet SS can reach ~4000mg/L Scum automatic emissions, solid content can be up to 30 ~ 100 g/L overall removable, easy to transport and install, adopt the" W "hopper.


Brief Introduction

DAF for large capacity are designed for removal of many types of contaminants via flotation. The DAF systems are designed with many features and options to provide engineers, system integrators and end users with convenience and flexibility in system integration choices. Customization & modifications are available.


TankDissolved air system  Skimming system  Electricity and controlling device 
Air dissolving tankBracket chain slag scraper  Control cabinet  
SUS304 Clean water catch pipe SUS304 Inside Components  skimmer supportSchneider Electric elements  
SUS304 Effluent channel Visible pressure gage   UPE wear-resisting track       Scene manual/automatic control or remote automatic control  
Adjustable liquid level gauge  Copper alloy inlet solenoid valve  CPG brand motor   
 SUS304 Dissolving controller  POM traction chain, oil-free, self-lubricating  
 Dissolved air-water piping
Nylon traction sprocket 
 Recycle pump 
Rubber scraper  
 Air compressor UPE Quick Connector for scraper and chain  
 TJ nozzle  Chain tension device  
 Corrosion-resistant valve  Axle  

Standards for Flange

SUS304 Connectors Explosion-proof if required Staircase and maintenance walkway
Reference Standards: GB 4053.3-2009(China)
Safety requirements for fixed steel ladders and platform
Industrial guardrails and steel platform
Q235B steel structure support and hand rail FRP Fiberglass grating
Carbon Steel surface finish and corrosion treatment

Anti-corrosive paint
The supplied equipment carbon steel outer hull and the structural components should
guarantee a smooth surface, with shot peening, and the rust removal should be in
accordance with the level Sa2.5; One coat of internal epoxy zinc-rich primer.Spraying
method: high-pressure airless spraying  

Machining Technology

Laser/Plasma Cutting
Sandblasting, surface finish and corrosion treatment

Complementary products

Static Sieve
MFR&PFR Model Chemical Reaction Device
SJY Model Chemical Dosing Device  
PL3 Model Polymer Preparation Device

Characteristics and Advantages

Core technology
Micro-bubble generation technology
Forth circulation and flocculation technology
sedimentation theory

Characteristics and Advantages

The standard DAF System upgrade
Higher operation stability and reliability
High hydraulic load: 4~ 6m3 / (m2h), SS = 1000 mg/L
Overall disassembly, easily transportation and installation
Side closed scraping system, ensure safety running and operation
"W" type sludge hopper
Applied for the wastewater with suspended solids & floc density lighter than water
or close to the water and precipitation phenomenon.


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E-catalogues Download 
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