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Jorsun established in Shanghai 2004

Jorsun is committed to separation technology research and development, marketing,equipment manufacturing and services in water and wastewater field.

Jorsun main products and services include: High speed roll flowTM DAF,high efficient horizontal series DAF, high speed Lamella® clarifier etc, and integrated system solutions.

There are more than 2,000 successful references in the worldwide over 40 countries till now.Applied fields include industrial wastewater treatment, WWTP upgrade, water purification of WTP,river and landscape lake, sea water desalination etc.


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How does DAF work
How does DAF work

News 2022年2月17日 199

Jorsun Environment Co.,Ltd is the manufacturer’s for dissolved air flotation (DAF) clarifiers. Jorsun’s innovative systems for water and wastewater cl[……] More

Applications of the dissolved air flotation
Applications of the dissolved air flotation

News 2022年2月17日 160

Flotation had its beginning in mineral processing and as such has been used for a long time in solid/solid separation a…

Process of bubbles attach to particles in dissolved air flotation
Process of bubbles attach to particles in dissolved air flotation

News 2022年2月17日 183

Separation of particles by flotation mainly depends on the rise rate of bubble flocs, agglomerates, and bubble-oil aggr…

Advantages of Lamella Sedimentation
Advantages of Lamella Sedimentation

News 2022年2月17日 208

The main advantage of lamella clarifiers over other clarifying systems is the large effective settling area caused…


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