About Us

Jorsun is established in Shanghai 2004 .
Jorsun is committed to separation technology research and development, marketing,equipment manufacturing and services in water and wastewater field.
Jorsun owns a 10,000 square meters factory in Wuxi, Jiangsu.The left picture is workers in Wuxi.Shanghai headquarter is mainly responsible for sales and market.
Jorsun main products and services include: dissolved air flotation (DAF), high speed Lamella® clarifier and its integrated system solutions including auxilary equipments and sludge treatment ( multi-disk screw press and filter press), centre drive/periphery drive sludge scraper, static/rotary drum screen .
There are more than 2,000 successful references in the worldwide over 50 countries till now.
Jorsun is in pursuit of high quality, continuous innovation, determined to contribute more to environmental protection, and become a leader of separation in water fields.