DAF Unit Enhancing Wastewater Treatment Efficiency machine

News 2023年3月17日 951

What is DAF unit?

The DAF unit is a commonly used water treatment equipment in wastewater treatment processes. Its function is to separate suspended solids, oils, and other impurities from water by the principle of dissolved air flotation, in order to purify water quality. The importance of the DAF machine in wastewater treatment processes is reflected in several aspects:

The role of DAF unit in water treatment

  1. Improving treatment efficiency: The DAF unit separates suspended solids and oils from wastewater using the principle of dissolved air flotation, which can effectively improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment and shorten the treatment time.
  2. Improving water quality: The DAF unit can effectively remove pollutants such as plankton, suspended solids, oils, and organic matter from water, improve water quality indicators, and ensure that the effluent quality meets national standards.
  3. Reducing environmental pollution: The DAF unit can effectively remove harmful substances from wastewater, reduce environmental pollution, and ensure the stability and healthy development of the ecological environment.
  4. Saving energy: The design and operation of the DAF unit can help save energy, improve treatment efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

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