How does DAF work

News 2022年2月17日 830

Jorsun Environment Co.,Ltd is the manufacturer’s for dissolved air flotation (DAF) clarifiers. Jorsun’s innovative systems for water and wastewater clarification are highly efficient and can make your mechanical treatment process work economically, even in the presence of heavy fats, oils, and greases.
How it works:

1. Recycled water enters the Jorsun Air Dissolving Flotation (DAF), where it is quickly mixed with compressed air.

2. The DAF mixes the air and water more than five times faster than a traditional pressure vessel, producing bubbles just 30 to 70 microns across.

3. The air/water mix is released into the rotating arm at the bottom of the clarifier, where it comes into contact with raw water.

4. Air bubbles float to the surface, capturing suspended solids before being scooped into the rotating carriage at the surface.

5. A scraper mechanism removes grit and other heavy solids from the floor of the clarifier.

6. Floated sludge is removed by skimming system, while clarified water is drawn off through the effluent channel.

7. Some of the clarified water is recycled back and used again at Step 1