Inclined plate lamella clarifier tank is an efficient solid-liquid separation equipment

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Inclined plate lamella clarifier tank

What is Inclined plate lamella clarifier tank

Lamella inclined plate clarifier is composed of multiple sets of inclined plates. The inclined plate sedimentation tank is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment commonly used in the sewage treatment process. It is characterized by high treatment capacity and stable operation, but it can achieve a small footprint. The inclined plate sedimentation tank uses the principle of “shallow sedimentation” to shorten the sedimentation distance of particles, thereby shortening the sedimentation time, and increasing the sedimentation area , thereby improving the treatment efficiency and greatly improving the burial capacity of the sedimentation tank. The processing capacity of the sedimentation tank is seven to ten times higher.

working process of inclined plate clarifier
lamella inclined plate clarifier process

work process of lamella clarifier tank

The SS (suspended solids) in the raw water will form flocs after adding coagulant and flocculant, then flow to the inclined plate clarifier .Thoese flocs will accumulate into a thin layer of mud on the bottom surface of the inclined plate, then slide down to the tank bottom by gravity, and sink into the sludge hopper.The settling sludge can be discharged by sludge pump and controlled by timer according to the worksite real sludge qty .Discharged sludge from inclined plate sedimentation tank generally are treated by filter press or multi-disc screw press for further dewatering .The supernatant gradually rises to the triangular overflow weir for discharge, which can be directly discharged or reused. There is a shallow sedimentation tank between every two parallel inclined plates of the sedimentation tank. Make the treated water (or waste water) move with each other and separate with the settled sludge in the sedimentary shallow layer.According to the force of their mutual movement, it can be divided into three different separation modes: co-current flow, opposite-directional flow and lateral flow.

A professional inclined plate sedimentation tank supplier

Jorsun has a number of patents.During the fabrication of inclined plate sedimentation tank,we design and improve the defects of the inclined plate sedimentation tank, provide customers with cost-effective, high-quality wastewater treatment equipment.Please contact us for an effective solution

lamella clarifier tank LST1
Lamella clarifier-Model-LST1

LST1-Lamella clarifier

We have standarized Lamella clarifier products ,have 3 types in total.The left picture is our LST1 series.It has thoese main features:

1.Cone shape sludge hopper to discharge sludge more smoothly

2.Simple structure,so very easy for installation, opertion and maintenance

3.No power consumption, less operation cost 4.Because it’s very high, it will be disassembled as top and bottom parts to fit into standard cotnainer ……MORE

lamella clarifier tank LST2
Lamella clarifier-Model-LST2

LST2-Lamella clarifier

We have standarized Lamella clarifier products ,have 3 types in total.The left picture is our LST2 series.It has thoese main features:

1.Round shape sludge hopper.No sludge blind angle

2.Sludge can be discharged more smoothly with assistance of sludge scraper installed

3.Sluge scraper help reduce tank height for easier shipment Standard design hydraulica loading rate 1m3/m2/h ……MORE

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