Skid mounted LST system

The combination of lamella clarifier and chemical dosing system. Easy to transport and install.


Brief Introduction

The Lamella® Clarifier is also known as Lamella® separator, Lamella® settler,inclined plates clarifier or slant plates clarifier . Function of the lamella clarifier is actually simillar to dissolved air flotation to separate solids from water or wastewater after flocculation.But the lamella clarifier is designed to separate settable solids (particles ).
The design is based on “shallow tank theory ” —-Sedimentation performance depends on the effective settling area ,nothing to do with sedimentation depth.So Lamella plates are installed inside the tank as module .And effective sedimentation area of lamella clarifier is the accumulation of the projected area of the lamella plates not the occupied area.

JORSUN can provide total packged lamella clarifier system including coagulation and flocculation device (optional) . Basically effluent after flocculation will enter to the clarifier through the clarifier feed water distribution chamber located in the tank middle which then will distribute effluent euqally to each plates .
The solids in the effluent fall to the plate surface, and then slide down to the sludge hopper in the tank bottom by gravity .The collected sludge are discharged by sludge pump automatically controlled by the timer .
And the clarified effluent flows through the clean water collection channel (triangular weir or perforated type ) at the tank top .

Applied Industry

JORSUN Lamella Clarifier Plants are successfully operated for a wide variety of industrial and water treatment applications, such as:
B- Backwash water (sand filter, UF etc)
F- Food
G- Groundwater
L- Leachate
M- Meat processing
M- Metal finishing
M- Mining and mineral processing
P- Potable water clarification
R- River pre-sedimentation
R- RO concentrated liquor
S- Semiconductor
S- Slaughter
T- Textile and dyeing
W- Washing water (plastic,vegatable etc )

Jorsun Benefits

●Experience from thousands of applications in a variety of fields.

●Save installation time .JORSUN units are deliveryed as prefabricated units . Very easy for installation.

●Quick in response to provide excellent international services.Served clients are over 50 countries aross the world.

●Various constructed material. Carbon steel epoxy coating or FRP lining, stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L,duplex steel 2205 or 2507.

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