ZXG-Centre drive sludge scraper

Sludge scraper is a customized design product based on the tank diamter and height.We have 3 types scrapers in total.The left picture is our ZXG series -centre drive sludge scraper.It has thoese main features: 1.Applied diameter from 2m-16 m 2.Water inlet from tank top or tank wall;Water outlet from surrouding ; 3.Driving device installed in the middle 4.Optional top skimmer and sludge thickening mixing grid


Brief Introduction

Sludge scraper is applied widly in circular sedimenhtation tank , mostly known as primary or secondary clarifier .Settled sludge are collected to the tank bottom middle with the assistance of sludge scraper, and then discharged by the pump to recycle or dewater .

Based on the differrence of driving method,JORSUN’s sludge scrapers have thoese series:
  1. Centre drive type sludge scraper (Optional :top skimmer ; sludge thickening mixing grid ) ;
  1. Periphery (perimeter) drive type sludge scraperhalf bridge;

  1. Periphery (perimeter) drive type sludge scraperfull bridge .

The centre drive type is the most applied one,suitable for tank diameter from 2m to 16m .Periphery drive type is used in tank diameter from 18m to 60m .

So based on your requirements, JORSUN can offer customzied design.

Key Features

●Working bridge with steel truss streucture,simple,elegant and light weight

●Simple installation&maintenance and low operation cost

●High energy-efficient drived with over torque

●Outdoor control cabinet,safe and reliable

●Dimension and material are customized as clients’ requirement

Jorsun Benefits

●Experience from thousands of applications in a variety of fields.

●Save installation time .JORSUN units are deliveryed as prefabricated units . Very easy for installation.

●Quick in response to provide excellent international services.Served clients are over 50 countries aross the world.

●Various constructed material. Carbon steel epoxy coating or FRP lining, stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L,duplex steel 2205 or 2507.


Remark :Diameter and height can be customized

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